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“The greatest hunger, is the hunger for personal meaning”
-Dr. Tererai Trent

You could not have asked for a more engaged and loving facilitator than Jennifer. She heard us. She saw us–each of us. I am so grateful that she was with me on this part of my journey.

Rhea Altamura

Founder & CEO, One Day|Day One, LLC

One on One Sessions

We will focus on what is holding you back from your unlived potential, with a particular focus on consciousness, embodiment and finding your bliss in this lifetime.

Jennifer Munley is truly brilliant in helping me to recognize and name my blocks and patterns and guide me to find the ways to choose to live my life authentically, honestly and deeply. I have had the privilege of working with Jennifer for eight years and I can truly say I would not be who I am today and even liking and loving who I am today without her expert compassion, insight and genius into my “issues”.

Annie Klein

Group Work

Circles of 6-8 Women meet either virtually or in person locally. A safe environment is created as members learn to interact, support, learn and grow with one another in worthwhile ways. We go as a group where we could not go alone, which leads to transformation and the creation of a life we want to live.

You have been an amazing facilitator. Your way of reading between the lines and honing in on what really is the trigger/essence is amazing. I adore the way you have facilitated the group, so we could all amp up our volume which is only possible in a safe and secure environment. Many sensitive subjects have been shared but it has always been to the growth of us all in multiple dimensions. For that I will always be grateful. I sincerely hope we can continue our journey as a group together as I feel we all long to and we all grow exponentially in this supported environment to an even higher dimension!!! Continue to do what you do! Thank you for being you!!!

Pernille Halbro

Course Work

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