Dream Bigger

My 7-year-old son was speaking about his dream of traveling to Madagascar. He wants to see the animals he reads about up close and personal. He got out his map and had me Google how long the plane ride is from NYC. When he discovered it would take almost an entire day... read more

What does being a conscious parent mean?

I have wanted to write about motherhood since Mother’s Day. I am just getting to it, which is basically how it goes being a busy mother. One of my passions in my work is working with mothers and teaching about conscious parenting. What this means to me is doing my own... read more

I Will No Longer Be Careless With Myself

I recently had an experience that resulted in my falling in love with myself. I have been studying and training and doing my inner work for 15 years now, and on this day, through perfect synchronistic events, everything shifted. They say you teach the work you need to... read more

My 2nd Life: How do we reinvent ourselves?

They say your 40’s are middle aged or mid-life, but I feel like in many ways it is my 2nd life. I have started a second career, my marriage is in many ways rebirthed and starting a new chapter, and I had kids later so being a mother is part of my 2nd life. Many of the... read more


Three years ago today I had the most empowering, spiritual, enlivened, nurturing, badass, humorous, and authentic experience of my life…for the second time. I gave birth to my daughter at home, and yes, on purpose. My daughter was 10 days “past due.” I was fine with... read more

Traditions: Why are they essential?

I am on vacation this week on Sanibel Island, Florida, which is the perfect location to write about what’s been on my mind. Tradition. I have been coming to this island with my family for 33 years. It holds such deep meaning for me. It has served as my getaway, as a... read more

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